Pearls of Rashi – Vayeishev

Until this week’s Torah portion, the Torah has taught us fundamentals which lead to the ultimate formation of the Jewish nation. The Torah begins by telling us of the creation of the world and Hashem’s dominion over it. We are then introduced to the fathers and mothers of the Jewish nation. This leads us to the birth of Yaakov’s children, the twelve tribes of Israel. Finally, we reach this week’s Torah portion. Here we are told of the interaction of Yaakov’s children among each other.

We are taught that the actions of our patriarchs provide us, their descendants, with the empowerment to perform our Divine service[1]. However, that which is discussed in our Parshah is far stronger. It is a direct allusion to the service of the Jewish nation throughout all generations[2].

At the beginning of our Parshah, Yosef tells .his brothers of two dreams which he had. Both dreams indicate that at some point he would have a position of authority over them. The Torah tells us that they were not pleased, but their father had a different approach to his son’s dreams. That is why the Torah tells us that[3] “his brothers envied him, but his father awaited the matter.” Rashi cites the words “awaited the matter,” and explains as follows. He (Yaakov) was waiting and looking forward to when the fulfillment of the dream would come. Similarly, it says “awaiting the realization …[4]

This can all be explained as follows. The fact that Yaakov our Forefather was “was waiting and looking forward to when the fulfillment of the dream would come,” is a description of what all of his children, the Jews, are awaiting throughout this long and bitter exile. Each of us is awaiting the ultimate redemption through our righteous Moshiach.

This is why Rashi follows this by telling us that “similarly, it says ‘awaiting the realization.’” On that verse in Yeshayahu, Rashi explains that the Jews are “a righteous nation, awaiting. They waited and longed throughout their exile many days for the faith of the Holy One, blessed be He, that He fulfill His promise through His prophets, to redeem them.” This demonstrates, from Rashi’s own words, that despite the fact that this Golus has lasted so long, Yaakov’s children never stop waiting for Moshiach. For this merit alone, may Hashem send Moshiach now!

Wishing everyone a good Shabbos.

Rabbi Shmuel Mendelsohn

Adapted from Likkutei Sichos Volume 35, Beginning with Page 161

Mrs. Brocha bas Reb Tzvi Nechemiah Hacohen O.B.M. Cohen
Passed away on 8 Shevat, 5778
May Her Soul be bound in the Eternal Bond of Life
* * *
לעילוי נשמת
מרת ברכה בת ר’ צבי נחמי’ הכהן ע”ה כהן
נפטרה ביום ח ‘שבט, ה’תשע”ח
ת. נ. צ. ב. ה.
יוצא לאור ע”י בני משפחתה שיחיו

[1]. See the Ramban’s commentary to Parshas Lech Lecho, Bereishis 12:6.

[2]. See the commentary of the Akeidah to our Parshah, Section 28.

[3] Our Parshah, Bereishis 37:11.

[4]. Yeshaya 26:2.

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