Pearls of Rashi: Parshas Vayakhel-Pekudei I

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In this week’s Torah portion, Vayakhel-Pekudei, the Torah audits the Jews’ donations to build the Tabernacle. The Torah tells us that[1] “these are the numbers of the Mishkan, the Mishkan of the Testimony, which was counted at Moshe’s command…” The seemingly redundant use of the word “Mishkan seems to bother Rashi. He comments that the Torah writes the word Mishkan (משכן ) twice. The double-expression alludes to the Temple, which was taken as security (מַשְׁכּוֹן ) by the two destructions, for Israel’s sins.” Rashi is pointing out that the Hebrew word Mishkan (Tabernacle) is related to the word Mashkon (security).

What is the meaning of security? A security is that which the lender holds for a fixed amount of time. However, it remains intact. We will behold the building of the third Bais Hamikdosh. At that time, Hashem will restore to us both the first and second Temples with all of their grandeur.

What is the significance of the words “Mishkan of the Testimony?” Whatever occurs during the time of Moshiach will be the direct result of our behavior now, during the time of exile.

            Hashem calls us His witnesses[2], “You are My witnesses.” The Jews testify to, reveal, and tell the world of Hashem’s presence. We are following in the footsteps of our forefather Avrohom3, who called out (and caused others to call out) in the name of Hashem.

So too, during our current exile we are building the “Mishkan of Testimony.” Through our present actions, we are making the Third Bais Hamikdosh. Our Sages describe this as4 “Testimony to all of the inhabitants of the earth that G-d’s presence rests in the world. May we merit to see this soon with our own eyes.

I wish one and all a good Shabbos and a Kosher Pesach!

Rabbi Shmuel Mendelsohn Adapted from Hisva’adus Shabbos Kodesh Parshas Vayakhel-Pekudei 5747, Page 673

מוקדש לזכות כ”ק אדמו”ר נשיא דורנו מליובאוויטש

The Soldiers of Tzivos Hashem Chaim and Aiden Oded שיחיו Morris
Rabbi & Mrs. Menachem M. and Chaya Mushka שיחיו Morris

חיילי “צבאות השם” חיים ועדן עודד שיחיו מאריס
נדפס ע”י הוריהם
הרה”ת ר’ מנחם מענדל וזוגתו מרת חי’ מושקא שיחיו מאריס


[1]. Our Parshah, Shemos 38:21.

[2]. Yeshaya 43:10.

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