Pearls of Rashi: Parshas Vayakhel-Pekudei II

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At the end of this week’s Torah portion, Vayakhel-Pekudei, we complete the Torah’s second book, Shemos. Our Parshah ends with the words,[1] “For the cloud of Hashem was upon the Mishkan by day, and there was fire within it at night. This was before the eyes of the entire house of Israel in all their journeys.” Rashi cites the words “before the eyes of the entire house of Israel in all their journeys.” He explains that “Since from the place of their encampment they resumed their journeys, they are all called journeys.” In other words, he is saying that the encampments are a part of the journey.

The beginning and the end of something are always closely connected. This is true of the opening and conclusion of the book of Shemos. The book begins with us being on the lowest possible level. We were slaves to Pharaoh in Egypt.

As the story progresses, the Jewish Nation reaches the most incredible heights. We draw G-dliness into this world through our miraculous exodus from Egypt, receiving the Torah directly from Hashem at Mount Sinai, and building the Tabernacle, Hashem’s resting place in this world. What connection could there possibly be between our humble beginning and our glory at the end of Shemos?

This book’s conclusion emphasizes that the significant elevation we experienced began while we were still slaves in Egypt. That marked the beginning of our redemption. Rashi is telling us here that our camping in Egypt was also a journey; we were going onward and upward. This brought us a step closer to our redemption from Egypt and our ultimate deliverance from our present Gallus.

At times it may seem that we are far from reaching our goal. However, as we continue to strive, we will surely achieve the purpose of Moshiach now!

I wish one and all a good Shabbos and a Kosher and Happy Pesach!

Rabbi Shmuel Mendelsohn

Adapted from Likkutei Sichos Volume 6, Page 238

מוקדש לזכות כ”ק אדמו”ר נשיא דורנו מליובאוויטש

The Soldiers of Tzivos Hashem Chaim and Aiden Oded שיחיו Morris
Rabbi & Mrs. Menachem M. and Chaya Mushka שיחיו Morris

חיילי “צבאות השם” חיים ועדן עודד שיחיו מאריס
נדפס ע”י הוריהם
הרה”ת ר’ מנחם מענדל וזוגתו מרת חי’ מושקא שיחיו מאריס


[1]. Our Parshah, Shemos 40:38.

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